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Sample Recommendation Letter for Extension of Contract

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We are writing this letter to inform you that your employment contract has been extended by ___ The terms of the contract are the same as those of the original contract. Offer the customer a special renewal contract if the contract is signed within a certain period of time. This usually takes the form of a discount on your regular price. By encouraging the customer to renew their contract prematurely, you can improve your chances of keeping the business. Please note my appointment letter, which is attached hereto. This is to inform me that I have been hired as a science teacher (name of the subject) for a period of one year (period) ending in the coming week. During my contract, I have done my best to meet all academic requirements and my performance report has already been sent to you. I am writing this letter regarding the contract between Flow Enterprises Limited and Fortune Industries dated September 1, 2011. The duration of this contract ends on 1 October 2012. I am writing to recommend you for the renewal of the same.

It is argued that two years ago (period) I was appointed Assistant Deputy Inspector (Job Designation) in the Department on a contractual basis. My contract expires next month. Since my annual certificates represent outstanding achievements for this two-year period and I now ask you to extend my contract period for the next five years (period). Nowadays, an employee and the employer have a contract that they sign, which makes all the terms of the contract legally binding on both parties. This contract determines the salary that will be given, the position in the company, scholarships and achievements, if any, etc. If this employment contract is valid for a certain period of time or if the employee is on probation, the employment contract ends after the agreed period. If the employee and employer are satisfied and wish to continue with the previous arrangement, they can do so by extending the employment contract. Include letters of recommendation or notes from other clients praising your services. These attachments can improve your reputation during the contract renewal process.

[Briefly describe here the sample letter for the extension of the employment contract or for the extension of the employment contract. You were an employee in a company/institute, how do you write a letter to extend your contract? You can change this format as needed.] We are writing this letter to inform you that due to your exemplary work during the previous period of employment with us, we are extending your employment contract by 12 months. The terms of the contract are the same as those of the original contract. Please confirm that I have sent a reply to this letter, if you agree with the extension of the said contract. In order to avoid disruptions in our customers` services, we would appreciate a prompt response from you no later than September 20, 2012. Please do the necessary as soon as possible and contact us on 38293292 for more information. Because of your exemplary performance in the company over the past ___ This is especially important if the original contract does not contain important details that you discovered when providing your services. For example, if you provide a copy to a company and you have failed to provide a way to monitor the response to ads, you can add that service to the contract for an additional fee. By updating the contract, you show your customer that you have learned more about the company and now have more value for the company. If an employment contract terminates due to the performance of the specified service or period of employment and the employer renews this contract, this letter will be written to inform the employee.

Please extend my employment contract for another two years, as I am very interested in continuing my duties. Compile data about the services or products you have provided to your customer. Use charts and graphs to show how your prices compare to those of your competitors, as well as any other metrics that prove the value of your business. For example, if you`re an independent CPA trying to renew a contract with a small business, you can draw a chart that shows different ways you`ve helped the company save money on its taxes. The contract was signed and concluded for a period of 1 year and 1 month. It is planned to extend the contract for the next 5 years. I am therefore writing to recommend that you renew this contract, as I am sure that the contract concluded was a success for both organizations. This is respectfully noted that I have been working with your estimated organization for two years (plus/minus) during which my employment contract with the company expires on (date). Please let me know if you still need my services in this position as I will have to choose my future career either with you or elsewhere. If you wish to keep me, please renew my contract accordingly and as stated in the „Terms and Conditions“ section of the contract, I may also be entitled to an increase. Sub: Ask for a letter to extend the employment contract It is always easier to renew business with established customers than to win new business with new customers.

They are a well-known product for your current clientele. As long as your service was good and your prices are competitive, you should be able to renew the contract. Establish a relationship throughout the term of the contract that you can rely on when writing your renewal letter. It indicates the period of extension of the employment contract. It is always written by the employer, usually for exemplary employees. It shall also state the reason for granting such an extension. Check the format of the job renewal letter below and try to write it the same way if you need it. I am writing because I would like to discuss the possibility of a contract extension. My contract is two years old (plus/minus) and it`s coming to an end. I would love to renew it because I love working with this company and I really love the people here and I really love the work I do.

If possible, there is a permanent position here that is for me, I think I would like to stay here because it is my life and my career. I hope to look forward to it in the future. I await your answer. We are pleased to inform you that your employment contract with our company has been extended for an additional 2 years due to your exemplary work during the previous contractual period. The terms of the contract are the same as those of the original contract. [This is an example of a contract renewal letter to the manager. You can also use this format as a renewal letter for the service contract, renewal letter for the employment contract, etc. You can change these formats if necessary.].

By, Edward Brown Accounts Manager Britannica Solutions Atlanta This act of kindness through your good service will be much appreciated by my whole family. To, Mr. Albert Pereira, Junior Accountant, Britannica Solutions, Atlanta We expect the same level of commitment and work ethic in your work as the previous semester. We look forward to continuing our professional cooperation. I have enjoyed working with the company and have met all the requirements since I arrived and there is not a single one (designation/promotion) ever raised by my elders. I reached the KPIs of the management. (Show your actual problem and situation….