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Internet Supply Agreement

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3. Enter into written agreements with the PCT PCT that are valid and binding in accordance with local law, the agreements of which contain at least the conditions set out in Appendix A, Flow Conditions. In the case of the PCT PCT Reseller, the PCT will require the PCT PCT Reseller to conclude with its PCTs written agreements containing at least the conditions set out in Appendix A, Debit Conditions; This Agreement contains the entire agreement between and between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between them that comply with this Agreement and are material. Because the Internet technology provider has agreements with certain telecommunications providers at certain points of presence („POPs“), we are not always able to comply with PCT requests to connect their premises through a particular telecommunications Internet technology provider. When permission is granted to authorize the connection of a PCT to a POP Internet technology provider through an unsupported telecommunications Internet technology provider, all obligations relating to the installation and/or repair times of these circuits become invalid. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between [Sender.Company] and [Signer.Company] that is relevant to the content of the Agreement. 20. INTEGRATION This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and revokes and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties and is intended to be the final expression of their agreement. It may only be amended or supplemented in writing signed by the Parties and expressly referring to this Agreement.

This Agreement takes precedence over any other document that may conflict with this Agreement. 7.PCT END-USER A.PCT PROVISIONS. Before a PCT end-user has access to the Internet access service, the PCT enters into written agreements with the PCT-PCTs in which each of these PCT accepts the same conditions as those accepted by the PCT in Section 6 above, as well as the additional provisions of Scheme A – Debit Conditions. Since IP addresses are rare, InterNIC also regulates the assignment of IP address blocks to IPCT and their PCTs. To ensure that Internet technology providers continue to receive new blocks of IP addresses when needed, we only assign IP network numbers to our PCTs in accordance with InterNIC guidelines. The Internet technology provider works with Internet PCTs that do not currently have legally assigned valid IP network numbers to determine the number required to support their Internet working environment and assigns to the PCT a block of Class C IP addresses of sufficient size based on the following criteria: At least [#]% of the requested IP address space must be able to be immediately assigned to the current PCT network population, with a total amount of [#]% to allocate and use in the coming year. Based on these usage criteria, PCT applications for one or two Class C IP network numbers are systematically submitted with minimal justification. (Each Class C IP network number supports up to 254 unique IP addresses.) For PCT applications with up to sixteen Class C IP network numbers, written justification from the Internet technology provider is required. The Internet technology provider requires detailed justification (diagrams, deployment plans, subnet plans, etc.) of all PCTs requiring more than sixteen and less than sixty-four Class C IP network numbers. Under the policy, the Internet technology provider does not delegate blocks of sixty-four or more Class C IP network numbers to PCTs.

The Internet technology provider helps PCTs apply very large address blocks directly to InterNIC. A waiver of any default by either party shall not be accepted as a waiver of any subsequent or prior breach of any other provision or identical provision of this Agreement. B. PCT of resellers. In the case of reseller PCT, the PCT enters into a written agreement with each reseller PCT obliging those PCT to enter into written agreements with the PCT of the reseller PCT that contain the same conditions as those required of the PCT in Section 7A.K. Technical Service and Support. The Premium service is aimed at PCTs with the in-house expertise to manage an Internet connection without advanced end-to-end support from the staff of Internet professionals. Therefore, the Internet technology provider does not offer premium PCT with childcare services for problems related to PCT premises and applications. PCTs that require end-to-end on-demand support should consider upgrading to UltraPremium or SuperPremium Internet service levels. . 2. Manage all communications and business relationships with PCT-PCT in connection with the Internet Access Service, including but not limited to providing technical support and handling PCT-PCT inquiries and questions on IP Connection Services….