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The boss of the Triad, Lung, who has just escaped an assassination attempt, hires five murderers to protect him. Their growing solidarity is put under pressure when Lung places a special order. Nearly a year after a sloppy job, a hitman takes on a new mission with the promise of a grand reward for three murders. What begins as an easy task quickly dissolves and sends the murderer into the heart of darkness. After fifteen years of service, Henri Boulanger was dismissed. Shocked, he attempts suicide, but fails to do so, so he hires a hitman in a shabby bar. After a hunter (Josh Brolin) finds a briefcase with money in a botched drug case, his blessing turns out to be a curse when he is relentlessly pursued by the evil man the cartel hires to get their money back – Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) – in the best film of 2007: No Country for Old Men. In the film, Vincent (Cruise) forces Max (Foxx) to drive him through Los Angeles while performing various contract murders. In addition to Cruise and Foxx, Collateral also plays Jada Pinkett Smith as a prosecutor, Mark Ruffalo as a police detective, and Javier Bardem as a drug lord. Collateral currently has an 86% „Certified Fresh“ rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Considered one of the greatest assassins of all time, Wick lived a peaceful life in retirement, but some Russian punks later decided to kill his dog and steal his car, prompting Wick to return to his vocation. Three films and an astonishing 299 murders later, John Wick is undoubtedly the hitman of cinema. Its release in its fourth chapter is currently scheduled for May 2021. A hitman turns to a writer to help him create his next bestseller, but the violent world he was a part of has other plans. In a high-profile mafia testimony case in Riverside County, California, a hitman checks into a hotel room near the courthouse while his depressed neighbor wants to commit suicide due to marital problems. Meanwhile, Denzel Washington is very discreet as an assassin in Equalizer. Then there`s Quintin Tarantino`s films, including the cult classic Pulp Fiction and the action-packed Kill Bill. There are tame assassin movies in which the killers do the work quietly with silencers, poisons and non-graphic means. Then there are also those that are pure pure carnage, where you see a lot of action, blood and blood. Unlike normal murder, which is often emotionally charged, for murderers, this is just a case. If you`re looking for a good revenge movie – something loaded with hate and emotion – check out the list of the best revenge movies for more great action movies. It`s no wonder that movies featuring hitmen, hitmen, and assassins provide a delightful, if bloody, distraction, and those that stand out transcend the kind of action or thriller in which they exist and become something more.

If hitmen were judged on their ability to throw witty jokes and insults, Bullet-Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) would take the top spot, but unfortunately that`s not the case. A government fakes the death of a criminal in order to turn this young woman into a murderer. Dog, a former militiaman to whom the Peruvian government granted amnesty, is now a hitman. One of his missions takes him to a Christian church, where he meets Milagros, a teenager. A taxi driver finds himself hostage to a devoted hitman as he makes his rounds one night in Los Angeles. Being a big killer isn`t always about pure body counting, sometimes it`s about how a blow is executed. First played by Charles Bronson and later by Jason Statham, when a murder must look like an accident, no murderer is better for the job than Arthur Bishop. Claude is an unscrupulous and effective hitman – until he discovers that his next target is a woman. When the professional steel killer named Lee (Clu Gulager) soberly folds his jacket to the side to show off his weapon, it`s one of those cinematic moments that never shakes you. Freelancers paid per job, a few things distinguish hitmen from other assassins.

They cannot be loyal to a single mob or criminal organization (unless it is a contract murder enterprise) because it makes them a hitman. They cannot work for a government, and they cannot limit themselves to forbidden targets, because then they would be bounty hunters. Exciting and mysterious professions, hitmen are often the subject of movies, and they are the ten best in cinema. A list of the best assassin and hitman movies. There is something really funny and sneaky about watching one person murder another in cold blood. To celebrate our love of seeing these cold-blooded hitmen on the big screen, we`ve put together this list of great assassin movies. But what is the best Assassin movie of all time? We leave it to you to vote and tell us what you think. All the best assassin and hitman movies have been recorded, but if you think there is a good one missing from the list, feel free to add it yourself. You tell us: What are the best assassin movies? The top 10 movies on this list should be a pretty good clue. Vincke and Verstuyft are the best detectives of the Antwerp police. They are confronted with the murder of a senior executive and do everything they can to catch the murderer.

An aging hitman befriends a young man who wants to be a professional killer. Eventually, it becomes clear that someone has betrayed them. Below, we`ve listed 20 of the best Assassin movies that have been released in theaters. We guarantee that these films will bring cold blood to a boil and trigger clenched fists, explosions of explete and adrenaline rushes. So, go through the list and see which one triggers you the most. Ricky is a cold-blooded German hitman. After serving in Vietnam, he returns to his hometown of Munich to eliminate a few problem crooks for three renegade policemen. He inspects. A suicidal man hires a crazy murderer to help him commit suicide, but for some reason he miraculously survives any attack on his life. Two hitmen cross paths in the middle of the same job and realize that they are childhood friends.

Grosse Pointe Blank, a charming comedy thriller, sees Martin Blank (John Cusack) as a hitman at the top of his game, but is not interested in joining the syndicate of hitmen that his commercial rival Grocer (Dan Aykroyd) – asks him to join. An aging hitman is tasked with killing a general in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But when his brand is no longer available, he gets involved in the Argentine tango culture. Narumi is set up by a mysterious woman. Kidnapped and tortured, Narumi is forced to take a new job – the goal is an experienced killer who is as good as him. Another story about a hitman and his apprentice, Natalie Portman, saw her acting debut as Mathilda, a 12-year-old girl who was taken in by her neighbor — veteran assassin Leon Montana (Jean Reno) — after her family was murdered by a corrupt DEA agent (Gary Oldman) in Leon: The Professional. Cleaners, mechanics, butchers, exterminators, ice men, house painters, liquidators, torpedo boats, buttonholes, wet boys – there are several slang terms used not to explicitly mention the taboo call of hitmen – people who can be hired to kill for the best dollars. At the top of our list of critically acclaimed films about hitmen is this wolfgang Petersen-directed thriller starring John Malkovich and Clint Eastwood.

In the film, former CIA killer Mitch Leary (Malkovich) plans to assassinate the President of the United States with a homemade composite weapon. As he plans the assassination, Leary plays cat and mouse with Frank Horrigan (Eastwood), an aging Secret Service agent who was embittered by his failure to stop Kennedy`s assassination. Inspired by a veritable scandal in which inmates are temporarily released from prison to work as hitmen on behalf of politicians and senior military officials. A Cleveland hitman has a job to do with a second mafia boss in New York, but a special girl from his past and a big gun dealer with rats get in his way. It is morally wrong to kill someone, but there are those whose bad subconscious triggers the need for human blood in their hands, even without cause. Meanwhile, there are also those whose desire to kill comes from repressed anger or the need for revenge from a tragic or post-traumatic past. There is no shortage of reasons why people kill each other, and this is a constant premise in the world of cinema. But the murderers, on the other hand, are only there because of the money. Killing becomes their profession. As such, they are trained and qualified in lethal execution and they do so discreetly, or should we say, secretly. Assassin movies are always great entertainment. They also give the public a glimpse into the lives of these hitmen.

If you`re just there for fun and one-liners, then this movie checks both. It`s basically a black comedy assassin movie sprinkled with romance. Young Mark Wahlberg plays assassin Melvin Smiley. He and his friends are hitmen, although he is the talented of the group. He may be a murderer, but you can`t help but admire his gentle and kind nature. Here are some more of my imdb lists. .